.com €9.50
.co €25.00
.net €11.75
.org €11.50

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Special Features

Move your data easily

Never miss an Email

Create new professional email addresses from your domain name and use our free email address forwarding service to redirect your mail.

Powerful Hardware

Advanced DNS control

As soon as you register a domain name with Bigmegs, we’ll give you full Domain Name Server (DNS) control so you can host your email and website wherever you like.

No strings attached

with 24/7 Support

If you have a support query, our friendly support team are on hand 24x7x365. Our team is trained to ensure you have personal, practical responses to all your questions.

Whois Privacy

When you register a domain name, your contact details are automatically published online as part of the WHOIS database. This includes your name, email address and phone number.
That means you get flooded with junk mail and risk having your identity stolen. It’s not uncommon. It can happen to anyone.
Domain Privacy from Bigmegs withholds your details to protect your anonymity. Having that peace of mind is worth a lot when you’ve put everything into building a business; you can get it for just £3.50.

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With Our Annual Hosting Packages

  • 10 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Sitepad Website Builder
  • Softaculous One Click Installer

From €38.00 Per Year

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Domain Pricing

Domain Register Transfer Renew
.com €9.50 €0.00 €9.50
.org €11.50 €0.00 €11.50 €7.00 €0.00 €7.00
.uk €8.00 €0.00 €8.00
.net €11.75 €0.00 €11.75
.ca €14.00 €0.00 €14.00
.me €16.50 €0.00 €16.50
.de €6.25 €0.00 €6.25
.tv €35.00 €0.00 €35.00
Domain Register Transfer Renew
.fr €13.00 €0.00 €13.00
.us €8.50 €0.00 €8.50
.ch €16.00 €0.00 €16.00
.it €18.25 €0.00 €18.25
.nl €7.00 €0.00 €7.00
.es €13.00 €0.00 €13.00
.blog €35.00 €0.00 €35.00
.info €11.25 €0.00 €11.25
.mobi €15.00 €0.00 €15.00
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